Vsonic GR06 Review

Budget model from Vsonic

Driver: Dynamic
Frequency Response: 10Hz~20KHz
Impedance: 24Ω
Sensitivity: 108dB
Cord Length: 1.3m
Plug Type: L-Plug 
Current Price: £32

Vsonic is a company based in China highly praised for their current (but soon to be "ex") flagship model GR07. I have always wanted to hear the GR07 but it is very hard to find their products in North America. The newly released GR06 is no different and there are only few distributors outside of China at the time of writing. FrogBeats.com is one of them and I would like to thank David from FrogBeats for kindly providing me with a sample for review.

Packaging / Accessories:  
The GR06 is packaged beautifully. The packaging reminds me of an expensive piece of jewelry on display. If I didn't know, I would have guessed them to be much more expensive just by looking at the packaging. That assumption would have solidified even more after seeing what's inside. The GR06 comes with a whopping 15 pairs of tips, a set of ear guides, and a sleek looking pleather pouch. The 15 tips include silicone and foamed-filled silicone tips of all sizes, 1 pair of double flanges, and 1 pair of foam tips. For roughly $50, I am blown away by how nice the packaging is and by the abundance of accessories included.  I really can't imagine seeing anyone being disappointed in this aspect. 

Build Quality / Appearance / Cable:
The housing themselves are pretty small. They are made of plastic but feels very sturdy and looks to be built quite well. With the dark copper colour and small housing, the GR06 does not attract attention like Monster's IEMs for example. The nozzle articulates and like the housing, looks to be built well. Moving on to the cable, the GR06 has one of the best cables I've seen under $100. It is extremely flexible and very easy to handle. The cable is of a copper-ish colour also but it's not "flashy". The cable is meant to be worn behind the ear, which results in no microphonics. Again, I am very impressed with the cable and the overall build quality of the GR06. 

Comfort / Isolation: 
With the small housing and articulating nozzles, the GR06 is very comfortable. I did find that the cable does not stay behind my ears very well so I use the included ear guides. Due to this, I can always feel the  weight of the ear guides on my ear, and that would be my only complaint. Isolation is just average though as there is a small vent on the housing. Although it does improve with the right tips.

As someone who has lots of experience with, and prefers bass enhanced IEMs,  it was apparent how balanced the GR06 is as soon as I heard them. Along with the balanced sound signature, the GR06 has a mid centric sound with good bass extension. 
Lows: Bass is very well done on the GR06. It is definitely not a bass heavy and more of a balanced IEM, but bass still has good impact, just without that slam. It also extends well, but has more mid bass than sub bass. Although it is still balanced with the rest of the spectrum, bass notes have realistic weight and good texture. Attack and decay times are also very enjoyable. While there is good control, the GR06 is still behind other more expensive IEMs in this aspect. 
Mids: The midrange is forward and warm. It is fairly smooth with a just bit of bite. Midrange clarity and resolution is also very good on the GR06. While the midrange is not recessed, the GR06 does not have an intimate vocal presentation or aggressive guitars. It is clean and well detailed; they're not dry, but not exactly lush either.
Treble: The top end sounds clean and clear with a laid back presentation. It is not entirely smooth, but has little sibilance and has good detail retrieval. The treble extension is decent and more than sufficient.
Soundstage: The soundstage is very spacious with lots of width. It sounds airy and has a wide open feel to it. Imaging and positioning are also good for the price. With good dynamics and a spacious soundstage, it can easily compete with others in its price bracket.
The Vsonic GR06 is in my opinion one of the best bang-for-buck IEMs in the market today. Rarely do you find a pair of earphones in the price range that focus more on a balanced sound and not a bass heavy signature. They are spacious and refined, with excellent clarity. Based on sound alone, I would have had no problem recommending the GR06. But coupled with its excellent form factor and abundance in accessories, I must highly recommend them to anyone, who doesn't mind a balanced sound, to give them a listen.